I love helping B2B Service Providers with full LinkedIn Marketing using my P.P.I.N Method.


Also known as THE CLARITY PHASE. 

  1. Assessment
    • 3 things that you should have clarity with before creating or optimizing a LinkedIn profile.
    • Questions you need to ask (and answer) yourself in order to gain the much-needed clarity.
  2. Objective or end-goal of using LinkedIn
    • Find a job?
    • Get more clients?
    • Be a recognized expert in your industry?
    • Expand your network?
    • Make an impact?
    • Generate leads for clients? 
    • For recruitment?


This is where we get to geek out on “THE HOW’s” of LinkedIn Lead Generation.

  1. Time to Find Your Dot, Qualifiers & Disqualifiers
  2. Market & Competitor Research
  3. Prepare your Content Plan & Craft your Irresistible Offers
  4. Prepare your LinkedIn Funnel / Messaging Flow & Plan your Sales Process / Marketing Flow
  5. Identify your Market’s Specific Needs and Conceptualize
  6. Plan your Onboarding Process
  7. Plan your Offloading Process


Let’s take action NOW.

  1. Profile Optimization
  2. 10 Optimization hacks to make your profile a lead-generating machine without using any paid ads
  3. Outbound Strategy
  4. Finding leads / ideal clients
    • LinkedIn Free Native Account
    • Sales Navigator
    • Outside platform research
    • Social Media groups
    • Influencer / Dream 100 client research

5. Inbound Strategy

6. Outreaching

7. Monitoring


How to be your prospect’s TOP OF MIND.